Strategic and hands-on professional boasting a remarkable 14-year career exclusively dedicated to the dynamic realm of HVAC systems. My journey commenced during my academic years, specializing in the design and manufacturing absorption chillers with educational focus. Transitioning from a fledgling professional to the Research and development Manager at a leading manufacturing firm, l orchestrated the transformation of ideas into tangible, innovative products

fueled by an unwavering commitment to excellence, l spearheaded a proficient team, orchestrating the end-to-end process of conceptualization, design, and manufacturing. The culmination of these efforts resulted in groundbreaking solutions, rapidly propelling our technological standing to the forefront of the industry.

Concurrently pursuing an MBA, my entrepreneurial spirit led to the establishment of my own company, where for the past six years, we have redefined industry standards in HVAC. Pioneering inventive and forward-thinking products, we successfully penetrated the lranian market, establishing an expansive sales network  that spans the entire nation.

My expertise extends from devising innovative heating solutions to crafting cutting-edge products. Leveraging advanced computer and internet technologies in our industry, l’ve been at the forefront of utilizing digital platforms for marketing and sales expansion. My commitment to fostering a collaborative and cohesive team environment  has been paramount, resulting in the seamless integration of innovative solutions within our product lines.

From orchestrating marketing strategies to harnessing the power of computer and internet technologies, my multifaceted experience positions me as a dynamic professional poised to tackle new challenges and continue driving innovation in the HVAC sector.