G3 circuit heating system

“G3 circuit heating system cleaning solution The G3 solution is used for cleaning and washing the heating circuit of particles and deposits that are left on the internal surfaces of the heating circuit, including the primary and secondary heat exchangers, pump, three-way valve, radiators, pipes, and fittings without the need to shut down the system or reduce package pressure, and it maintains the efficiency of the package as if it were brand new.

After injecting this solution, simply operate the system at maximum heating power and discharge the circuit after two hours. Then, rinse the circuit again with fresh water to clean the heating path.


After injecting G3, the entire water system must be drained, otherwise it will damage the system. Therefore, if it is not possible to completely drain the water system, do not use G3 under any circumstances, or use this solution along with Dual Wash in the washing process.

دسته محافظت در آشام


This product belongs to the protection category in the TCTP group (testing, cleaning, revitalization, and protection).

تصویر سه بعدی محلول شست و شوی مدار گرمایش g3 پیاکو

Advantages of G3 for customers:

  • Cleaning the heating circuit
  • Removing and cleaning deposits, sludge, sediment, and particles resulting from corrosion
  • Non-acidic, non-corrosive, and has a neutral pH
  • Restoring combustion efficiency
  • Reducing energy consumption and repair costs
  • Suitable for 125 liters of water, or for 15 meters of radiator, or 100 meters of underfloor heating pipe.

Each Solution 1.8L is for:


800L of water in the system.

Or 75 Blocks of Radiator

Or 550 sq Meter of Under floor heating

Each 300 mL Aerosol is for:


125L of water in the system.

Or 15 Blocks of Radiator

Or 100 sq Meter of Under floor heating

Technical Information
Where to use:In the closed circuit of Heating/ Cooling systems, even cooling system of vehicles, to prevent corrosion and lime scale formation and pH balancer
Place of ingection to system:Radiator air plug or any place with female " G1/2 connection
Connection size:"G1/2
Soluble Color:Brownish yellow
Manufacturing Country:IRAN
Time for injection:Maximum 20 seconds
Need for draining after injection:It must be completely drained after the specified time - at least 2 hours and maximum 4 weeks after injection.

The advantages of the (G3) cleaning solution for technicians are:

  • Easy and fast injection in 20 seconds
  • No need for connections for injection
  • Restoration of the heating efficiency to the first day
  • Reducing cleaning time to a maximum of 2 hours
  • No need to open the boiler or radiator
  • No need to add parts for injection.
تصویر محلول شست و شوی مدار گرمایش پیاکو

performance pictures:

تصویر پمپ قبل از شست و شو با محلول شست و شوی G3تصویر پمپ بعد از شست و شو با محلول G3
تصویر دولوله ک یکی قبل از شستشو بامحلول شستشو پیاکو و دیگری بعد از شستشومی باشد

G3 injection procedure:

تصویر آموزش تزریق محلول های پیاکو به رادیاتور

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