central heating/Cooling magnetic filter

Protecting the combi boilers from the damaging effects of sludge.

What we do?

Reduce boiler break downs

Magnetite is the number one reason for heating systems breakdowns.

Every day and from the first second of system start, corrosion occurs within a heating system. If left untreated, this builds up magnetite, causing cold spots on radiators, making heating inefficient, reduce system efficiency, and cause boiler and boiler room’s components break down.

With products and pyaco’s TCTP, designed to put an end to corrosion and magnetite, pyaco’s approach is to save everyone’s heating system.

Our filters, chemicals and advices will reduce energy bills, lower maintenance costs and protect boilers for longer period.

What is TCTP?

We’ve developed TCTP, a breakthrough four-step approach formulated to tackle corrosion completely and defend heating systems.

First of all, we shout TEST the system to inderstand the situation of the system specially the amount of corrosion in the system. Then, if necessary, we should CLEAN the system with G5 and DUAL WASH. In some situations, it is crucial to TUNE UP the system, to put it in normal situation. for example to ise G4 to stop any water leakage in closed heating circuit. At the end, we can PROTECT the system by installing magnetic filters and G1 as system protection.


Complete range of products

Our range of products is comprehensive. Every product prevents damage differently, making our central heating defence complete. Our 

We’ve got system filters capable of capturing any size of magnetite particle. Our extra concentrated chemicals clean and protect, keeping systems stronger for longer. Our scale reducers are designed for getting tougher on hard water. 

Heating products:

Heating products: