The Caldo knee-lock radiator valve is one of the best and most stylish radiator valves available in the Iranian market. Thanks to the two o-rings used in the internal mechanism of this valve, the probability of water leakage from this valve is zero.

In the connection part of the Caldo knee-lock valve to the radiator (whether aluminum or panel), a PTFE o-ring has been used, which eliminates the use of Teflon tape for water sealing and as a result, there is no need to close this valve with an Allen wrench, making installation faster and more beautiful.

This valve comes with a lifetime warranty without any conditions.

دسته محافظت در آشام


This product belongs to the protection category in the TCTP group (testing, cleaning, revitalization, and protection).

نمایی از شیر رادیاتور کالدو

Advantages of Caldo radiator valve for consumers:

  • Very beautiful and stylish design with a great appearance during installation
  • Ability to adjust the water flow rate to the radiator through the return valve for system balancing
  • Made of the best and highest quality brass alloy available in the country
  • Lifetime warranty without any conditions.

Advantages of Caldo radiator valve for technicians:

  • The Caldo radiator valve allows for quick and easy installation without the need for Teflon tape, thanks to the non-flammable PTFE nut. The internal dual o-ring mechanism ensures a higher level of water sealing reliability.

    In the event of a leak in the connection to the radiator, there is no need to fully open the valve. The hydraulic balancing of the system is also possible through the return valve when the system is unbalanced.

تصویر بسته بندی و آچار شیر رادیاتور کالدو پیاکو

Dimensions of the inlet valve

ابعاد شیر رفت رادیاتور کالدو

Dimensions of the return valve

ابعاد شیر برگشت رادیاتور کالدو

Inlet valve pressure drop

Return valve pressure drop

Additional Information

  • Precise water sealing with two O-rings in the internal mechanism of the valve
  • Nickel-plated brass body
  • Equipped with ABS shock-resistant cap
  • Equipped with non-combustible PTFE O-ring at the connection point to the radiator
  • Maximum operating temperature of 110 degrees Celsius
  • Maximum operating pressure of 10 bar
Technical Information
Maximum operating temperature:110 degrees Celsius
Maximum operating pressure10 bars
Manufacturing Country:IRAN

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