Installation and Service Guide for Smart Polyphosphate Filtration System by Polido

Please carefully read these instructions before installing this filter or taking any actions for maintenance and repairs

Filter installation

  • Proper placement of the four bolts in the filter connection to the polyamide piece should be checked. (see figure 1)”
figure 1
  • Place the O-rings on the installed groove. (see figure 2)
ونتوری پلی آمید پلیدو
figure 2
  • Taking into account the arrow on the polyamide piece as the direction of water flow, connect the polyamide piece to the filter and tighten the designated bolts in their place. (see figures 3 and 4)

Filter image

فیلتر پلی فسفات هوشمند پلیدو
figure 3
fgure 4

*The polyamide body can be installed horizontally or vertically to the filter body*

  • Place the polyphosphate tablet inside the filter according to the instructions provided in the (periodic maintenance) section at the bottom of this page. The use of Teflon tape or liquid sealant is not necessary for installing this filter, and the sealing operation is performed by the flat fiber washers. Place the flat fiber washers in the inlet and outlet section inside the brass body of the filter housing. (see figure 5)
figure 5
  • Taking into account the arrow on the polyamide body and the direction of water flow, tighten the brass bolts. Close the city water inlet to the package and consider the best possible location for installing the Polido filter. (On the path of cold water entering the wall-mounted gas package and water heater)

    Note that the transparent tank always faces downward, and if it is necessary to install the filter vertically or horizontally, rotate the polyamide piece 90 degrees.

    Reconnect the city’s water inlet and make sure that the water enters the transparent tank

Periodic Service:

**Please note that the polyphosphate tablet (polyphosphate cartridge) should be inserted into the transparent housing along with the cover of the tablet.

**Please note that each polyphosphate cartridge should be replaced after passing approximately 8,000 to 12,000 cubic meters of municipal water through the smart polyphosphate filter.

** Please note that due to the internal mechanism of the filter, there is no need for any cut-off valves before or after the filter, and if there are any valves, there is no need to cut off the flow for filter servicing.

  • Press the button on the body of the Palido and at the same time turn the transparent tank 60 degrees to the right to detach it from the body. (figure 6)
  • Remove the polyphosphate cartridge from its shell and place it inside the transparent housing. (figure 7) The top part of the rubber holder inside the filter should always be connected to the filter.

  • When closing the transparent container, the internal gear wheel of the filter must always be rotated all the way to the end (clockwise). (figure 9)
  • Carefully align the protrusions on the edge of the tank and place the transparent tank in its place, then turn it to the left until the end. (figure 10)

The components of the filter

اجزای تشکیل دهنده فیلتر پلی فسفات هوشمند پیاکو
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